Privacy Policy

Last Updated: July 29, 2018

Mantra is an application for sharing pictures that you take to other users that follow you. With this, there is some data that is collected about you when using this application.

External Services

First and foremost, Mantra uses a number of services to aide in development, as well as make the experience better for you, the user. The following sections will detail the service used, a link to that service's privacy policy (if applicable), as well as what the service is used for in the context of Mantra.


Used to get reports of crashes and information to aid the fixing of these crashes, Mantra uses Crashlytics. No personally identifiable information is sent through Crashlytics, just the phone model that the crash occurred on, the Android version that the crash occurred on, and what time the crash was at.


Used for many services in Mantra such as notifications and analytics. Firebase notifications generates a unique ID for each user of the application. This ID doesn't contain any personally identifiable information and is only used to be associated with a user for sending notifications to them.

Personal Information

Regarding the usage of personal information in Mantra, we only collect what you give us. This includes username, display name, and a short biography, all data that you input yourself. In addition, Mantra may collect location data (city and state) for posts. This is completely opt-in and if you deny the permission to collect location, the application will continue to function.

Privacy of Minors under 13

Mantra does not allow users under the age of 13 to use the application. If a user is found to be underage, their information will be cleared from the application without question.


Mantra also logs data of access from users of the application. This data includes the IP address of the accessing user, their device name, operating system, as well as date and time of access. This data is used to see, when the application errors, or another issue arises, what the issue could stem from.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This document will be kept up to date with information on what data Mantra collects and other services that may collect data for usage in this application. Check this page periodically for updates.